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    A Court Marriage is a type of marriage recorded, conducted, and recognized legally by the authorities of Government. It is also considered as an authorized way to sanctify a relationship. In India, Court marriages are done under the Special Marriage Act, 1954.

    Nowadays, Court Marriages are highly propagating amongst the youths. The main reason behind its popularity is that it is open for all casts and religions. It is more wide spread in urban society and therefore we are here to offer you the service of Urgent Court Marriage in Mumbai. We at Yash Marriage Consultancy help people in completing complicated Court Marriage procedure in Mumbai.

    There are certain protocols for getting married in a court like a bride must be of 18 years old, while the groom must be of 21 years old. The main advantage of Urgent Court Marriage in Mumbai is that there are no restrictions on religion, caste, and community. Couples from same or different communities are happily ready for court marriages unlike that of religious marriages.


    We at Yash Marriage Consultancy, provide you with easy procedures of getting married and in legal ways. Our consultancy is best known for Marriage Registration and Urgent Court Marriage in Mumbai. We have a number of good staff and supervisors that can guide you with your queries and the process for registering your marriage in the legal premises.

    Yash Marriage Consultancy is the eventual destination for marriage related services in the entire country. We are reputed and highly authorized organization, and have the right to perform Court Marriage, issuing a proper and legal marriage certificate to the couple.

    In Yash Marriage Consultancy we implement a very common procedure of wedding ceremony, which is acknowledged by the married couples. We have well qualified and experienced marriage lawyers who will help you make your dreams come true.

    We offer legal consultancy for court marriage where we offer excellent suggestions concerning the marriage. We also have professional advocates who organize the whole marriage procedure with legal documents and assist them in the whole process. Our team also struggles to issue the registration certificate at the earliest. Our matrimonial professional lawyers also assist the couple son how to register their marriage and explain all the procedures in detail.

    Why Choose Yash Marriage Consultancy?

    If you are looking for the procedures of bringing success to Urgent Court Marriage in Mumbai and the procedure of how to register for the same, we at Yash Marriage Consultancy hold expertise in guiding you for the mentioned process. There are some basic set of rules and guidelines set by the legal bureau which says that in order to get a court marriage registration done in Mumbai, the individuals shall be aware of the fact that the registration of Urgent Court Marriage in Mumbai is a process which can be successful only if it is done in the Thane & Mumbai district or else the registration moves no further.

    There are certain guidelines set by the court when the bride and groom apply for the Urgent Court Marriage in Mumbai. It consists of the procedure which can be made right in the presence of original documents, eligibility, age proof, ID proof, nationality and we at Yash Marriage Consultancy help our clients with all the minute details that will bring success to your marriage life.

    Yash Marriage Consultancy It’s not just you but there are lakhs of clients who register through us and do not have any complaints.

    You may be surprised to know that our consultancy provides 24*7 services not only on phone but even on chat. We have our executives who’ll come to your doorstep to support your queries about Urgent Court Marriage in Mumbai. And, for such services, our team members do not charge even a single coin.

    What is Special About Yash Marriage Consultancy?

    • • It is designed to create a healthy relationship with our clients.
    • • 100% secure and free.
    • • It does not charge even a single penny for their special services.
    • • The clients can directly send a mail regarding their queries or can reach us by giving us a call on our helpline number.
    • • It provides you a lifetime membership which gives you sample time to take your decision easily and smoothly.
    • • Our team members are catered with customized services which are the only motive of our consultancy.
    • • The rich experience of Yash Marriage Consultancy provides the clients with the best counsellors regarding their queries about the Court Marriage Registration in Thane.
    • • Here, our Team Members are always working on providing our clients the freedom to select their desired date for the meeting and make sure that they are comfortable with the dates for further discussion.
    • • Our Team has a proficient knowledge regarding the laws required for Court Marriage Registration and this act often turns out to be remarkably beneficial for our client.

    Yash Marriage Consultancy Helps in Making Sure:

    • • The responsibility of Yash Marriage Consultancy doesn't end with the Urgent Court Marriage Registration in Mumbai; rather, we take our responsibilities forward with the successful execution of all the documentation and multiple essential services required by the people.
    • • Parties to file a Notice of Intended Marriage in the specified form to the Marriage Registrar of the district. While doing so, at least one of the parties involved in the marriage should have resided for a period of not less than 30 days immediately after preceding the date of the given notice. The notice is then put-up by the Registrar of Marriage inviting objections if any.
    • • After the expiration of 30 days from the date on which notice of intended marriage has been published, the marriage starts getting registered unless it has been objected by any person.
    • • The marriage is registered at the specified Marriage Office.
    • • Both parties along with three witnesses will have to be present on the date of registration.
    • • We are a consultancy of the best staff that will provide you with a clear knowledge of what all things are of great importance that can make your court marriage registration to be a happy ending. Each and every client who is looking for court marriage can without hesitation visit us and gather information.
    • • Our online matrimonial services serve a huge array of Indian cultures and religions and our Services are open for Elite and non-elite culture of people.

    Advantages of Urgent Court Marriage in Mumbai

    • Yash Marriage Consultancy helps people in implementing complicated Court Marriage formality.
    • • We have been delivering these services since 10 years and we have made all the procedures simple and easy for our clients.
    • • Till now we have successfully delivered every request and formality regarding court marriage.
    • • Our services have helped people in completing court marriage formality without any difficulties.
    • • Our experience in Court Marriage and Corporation Marriage Law is passionate about exceeding your expectations.
    • • We have a highly experienced and best team of Advocates, with determination of providing high-quality representation to customers looking for careful and kind legal service; clients who identify the advantages of a personal bond can bring both legal planning and the anticipation, escaping and resolution of legal problems.
    • • Our goal is to take an honest interest in our clients, understand their purposes, and meet or exceed their potential requirements.
    • • We at Yash Marriage Consultancy work hard, provide greater legal services on a timely, effective, and efficient basis, task and maintain the highest standards of professional integrity for our customers.
    • • For our firm, we have a pleasant working environment, based on open communication and mutual respect, and will encourage creativity, innovation, teamwork, and loyalty
    • • For our community, we endure our long-term custom of service and leadership.

    Call and Enquire for further information about Court Marriages in Thane & Mumbai.

    Special Marriage Mumbai

    Special Marriage Mumbai, is the legal Register / Court marriage for all citizens of Mumbai, whether Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or follower of any other religion. Here at, Yash Marriage Consultancy we take care of all the legal and ceremonious aspects of this new phase of life you are preparing yourself to enter in. Special marriage mumbai is one of our top-rated services.

    About Us:

    Yash Marriage Consultancy is a Marriage Consultant Service Provider based in Thane, Maharashtra. We provide a host of marriage consultancy and organizational services always keeping you and your comfort in mind. One such service we provide is Special marriage mumbai. This relates to the Special marriage Act of 1954 established or you may say passed by the government of India. To begin with we have some information regarding the terms and conditions under which you and your partner become eligible for Special marriage mumbai.

    What is Special Marriage?

    The government of India passed the Special Marriage Act in the year 1954.

    According to the Special Marriage Act, 1954

    • • Both parties—the bride and the groom should be citizens of India who are capable of giving valid consent to the act of marriage.
    • • Neither the bride nor the groom should have a spouse living before getting married to one another.
    • • The parties should be in possession of a completely sane mind.
    • • The male should be above twenty-one and female above eighteen years of age.
    • • The marriage needs to be solemnized within thirty days of the ceremony of marriage.
    • • The notice for marriage is to be given by either party at least thirty days prior to the ceremony to the Marriage Officer of the district.

    How do we at Yash Marriage Consultancy, step in the Process?

    We at Yash Marriage Consultancy, have an entire team of lawyers who are highly professional and skilled individuals to fix all your needs and give that legal authoritative face to your marriage solemnizing it through the Special marriage mumbai, which is one of the services we provide at our consultancy.

    Getting to know all about the prospects of the Special Marriage act, the terms and regulations, the procedure, the Dos and the Don’ts could get a little overwhelming for you and you might not know just how to get it all done. It is right there where we step in. Our team at Yash Marriage Consultancy is one of the prominent service providers for Special marriage mumbai and we will get your all needs covered here.

    Why Choose Us?

    There are some difficulties and obstructions that may come in your path if you are not well acquainted with the Do's, Don’ts, procedures, regulations, and all of the terms and conditions regarding the ceremony, registration and solemnization of a special marriage. Some of the hindrances in your path can be time miscalculations for applications, procedures and documentation because of the lack of knowledge, experience and information about the handling and working of court procedures. There’s a certain duration, a period of time for which you need to wait before the registration procedure and if you do not apply at the right time as per your plans, things can go haywire for you. A lot of things such as these can become problematic for you.

    All of this can get really very overwhelming and troublesome for anyone who is not used to the legal formalities and environment. That is just why we ask you to consider us and our service of Special marriage mumbai through which we can help shape your dream marriage into reality. Here are some of the reasons you can opt for our service rather than trying to do it all by yourself.

    • Time-Commitment: We get all the arrangements done at the earliest. We have a host of contacts with the right people in the sphere of our work to speed things up for you which otherwise because of the lack of knowledge of whim to contact for a certain work to be done can cause delays for your work to be done.
    • Security: All your personal and private information remains totally completely confidential with us. You do not need to worry about it as we won’t share it with anyone until and unless you please for us to do the same.
    • Support and Availability: We are here to guide you all through the process and are available at your service anytime you want.
    • We prioritize you: Most marriage consultant companies put their needs, policies and specifications first, when you reach out to them. We tailor it according to what you need. We will consider all your specifications and needs and will try our best to get things done just as per that. Your comfort is what matters the most.
    • Dedication: At our firm we have a team of highly dedicated and skilled lawyers, counsellors, organizers and a number of other people, each playing a significant role to shape your dreams into a beautiful reality.
    • Customer Satisfaction: All the clients who have taken on to our services have only praised us for the quality of work, the time they got to save because of all of it and everything else that went into bringing their dream of a perfect marriage to reality. We have been reviewed as one of the best Marriage consultancies in Thane and Mumbai for all the services that we provide.
    • Cost-effective Services: As compared to most other Marriage Consultancies, the price we charge for our services will not only be more budget friendly for you but will also be highly satisfactory according to the quality of service record we have had.

    With this we gave you an overview about the tit-bits, procedures and regulations of Special marriage. To know more about it and to get help with all of it you can choose us to be your extra set of hands and we’ll get it all done for you so you can relax and focus on your big day and all the happiness this new phase of life is going to bring with it. Awaiting your presence at our office, this is Yash Marriage Consultancy, Thane, Maharashtra.