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Special About Yash Marriage Consultancy.

"For all the newbie’s who have been getting or been given a run around about the procedures for getting a Court Marriage, marriage registration done in Thane and Mumbai district, please look no further. Please note that the court marriage will only happen at the court that is located where the groom and bride groom are staying in Thane and Mumbai district, this blog is usefull only for whom located in Thane and Mumabi district. But you can still read it to know about the procedures (hoping it will be same across India)."

Mind you this blog is about how to get your marriage registration and it is about how to get a Court Marriage procedure done. What is the difference between getting your marriage registration and doing court marriage is – The former requires you to be married (as per your religion or through a marriege Sansta, temple, church, Nikah) and then apply in the Court / Munciple Corporation ward office for marriage certificate while the later is the Maharashtra Marriage act of getting married in the Court / Munciple Corporation ward office itself (marriage certificate should be received then and there)

Court Marriage documents required –

  • • ID Proof :- Pancard
  • • Age Proof :- leaving/birthcertificate
  • • Address Proof :- Adharcart / Passport / Driving Licence
  • • Nationality proof :- Pancard / Adharcard / Passport / Election Card
  • • If you are a Widow or Divorcee then Death Certificate of your spouse for former and Divorce Certificate for later.

And because of this document requirements, you will see that every lawyer and internet websites says that document required are School Leaving Certificate, Passport, PAN Card, Aadhar, etc..


A Court Marriage is a type of marriage recorded, conducted, and recognized legally by the authorities of Government. It is also considered as an authorized way to sanctify a relationship. In India, Court marriages are done under the Special Marriage Act, 1954.

Nowadays, Court Marriages are highly propagating amongst the youths. The main reason behind its popularity is that it is open for all casts and religions. It is more wide spread in urban society and therefore we are here to offer you the service of Court Marriage Mumbai. We at Yash Marriage Consultancy help people in completing complicated Court Marriage procedure in Mumbai.

There are certain protocols for getting married in a court like a bride must be of 18 years old, while the groom must be of 21 years old. The main advantage of Court Marriage Mumbai is that there are no restrictions on religion, caste, and community. Couples from same or different communities are happily ready for court marriages unlike that of religious marriages.


We at Yash Marriage Consultancy, provide you with easy procedures of getting married and in legal ways. Our consultancy is best known for Marriage Registration and Court Marriage Mumbai. We have a number of good staff and supervisors that can guide you with your queries and the process for registering your marriage in the legal premises.

Yash Marriage Consultancy is the eventual destination for marriage related services in the entire country. We are reputed and highly authorized organization, and have the right to perform Court Marriage, issuing a proper and legal marriage certificate to the couple.

In Yash Marriage Consultancy we implement a very common procedure of wedding ceremony, which is acknowledged by the married couples. We have well qualified and experienced marriage lawyers who will help you make your dreams come true.

We offer legal consultancy for court marriage where we offer excellent suggestions concerning the marriage. We also have professional advocates who organize the whole marriage procedure with legal documents and assist them in the whole process. Our team also struggles to issue the registration certificate at the earliest. Our matrimonial professional lawyers also assist the couple son how to register their marriage and explain all the procedures in detail.

Court Marriage Consultant in Mumbai

Out of a number of ways of getting married among rituals and ceremonies, Court Marriage still remains one of the most authentic and legally accepted one. People might either choose to opt for a Court Marriage setup because of the hassle free, yet most authentic, private and light on the pocket nature of the ceremony or opt for a court marriage registration when they are already married through religious ceremony and want a legal authentication of the same which can be for a number of reasons. Though it is a highly genuine in form and documentation kind of setup, it takes quite a lot of time for getting through all the procedures including pre-registration steps like application for marriage in court. We at Yash Marriage Consultancy are finest Court Marriage Consultants in Mumbai and will help you in choosing the right lawyers, the documentation; managing all the paperwork and events on the day of registration; and getting through all the legal formalities after marriage registration in order to obtain legal proof of marriage--the marriage certificate. No doubt it is a hectic procedure, but it is anytime less of a hassle than the typical religious ritualistic marriage ceremonies. And it becomes all the easier when you involve the help of a Marriage Consultancy Service Firm in the process. Here, at Yash Marriage Consultancy Court Marriage Consultant in Mumbai. We welcome you to take all of that load off your shoulders and assure you of having a perfect Court Marriage ceremony.


Yash Marriage Consultancy is a Marriage Counselling, Registrar and Consultancy service firm / company located in and operating from Thane, Maharashtra. We provide a number of services at our firm, one of which is the role of a company as a Court Marriage Consultant in Mumbai. We are here to take care of all your Marriage Consultancy needs so you do not have to be constantly engaged in managing one thing or another for the most special day of your life. Hereafter are mentioned a number of reasons as to why and how we work towards shaping your dreams into reality.


One of the most appropriate things to pop up in your mind while browsing through this page might be the question of why you must choose our Court marriage consultancy over any and every other Court Marriage Consultant in Mumbai. As a rightful customer, it is apt of you to think so. You deserve a great and perfect wedding, even if that is a simple affair such as a Court Marriage Ceremony. We are here to give you just that. Here are some of the reasons we give you as to why we are considered by our clients as one of the best Court Marriage Consultant in Mumbai.

  • Integrity: Respect and honour a Diversity of Cultures.
  • Security and Assurance: Your information and all your personal data remain confidential with us until you yourself want it to be disclosed with a family member or relative in exceptional cases.
  • Team Support: A supportive team of dedicated individuals. Here, at Yash Marriage Consultancy we are considered as one of the best Court Marriage Consultant in Mumbai because of the dedication and efforts of our team members. They are not only very supportive within the team, but at the same time are ready to put their best foot forward in order to support and guide you through all the bits and pieces you need to join in order to achieve your objective, in this case, a perfect Court Marriage ceremony.
  • Professionalism: The team at our firm is a group of highly professional and skilled lawyers, counsellors, organizers and a number of other people, each playing a significant role to shape your dreams into a beautiful reality.
  • Hassle free service: We take care of all the formalities of booking, pre-registration, and post registration activities for you. Right from documentation to authentication and delivery of documents, we take it as our primary duty to give the best of our service experience. We assure you that you will not return unsatisfied with our services once you join us as a client.
  • Best Reviewed Service Record: We are one of the most highly recommended Court Marriage Consultant in Mumbai. All the clients that we've had over the years whom we helped tie the knot through court marriage and registration with the help of our services have only had overwhelmingly positive reviews about the firm's services.
  • Time Saver: Choosing to opt for our service of Court Marriage organization and registration, you save on a huge amount of your time that could have been otherwise spent looking for contacts to get you through all the procedures and legalities of a court marriage scenario. It's the biggest most important event of your life, we want you to enjoy every moment of this journey to the fullest. Therefore, leave all the work around it for us and invest your time in living these moments of your life.
  • Certification and copies: We will provide you with both the soft copy and hard copy of your marriage certificate within 10-20 days post registration of your marriage. We will try to get it to you as soon as it can get


  • Documentation: Some of the documents which will be required for getting your marriage registered are: Some identification and address proofs like PAN card, Aadhar Card, Election Voter ID card, Age proofs like Birth Certificate, bills like electricity bills, a good few coloured passport size photographs (most recent ones), etc. Make sure you have multiple copies of your photographs. All these documents are required for both, the bride and the groom.
  • Contact Information: A valid email ID and mobile number you have on hand all times of the day, and your current as well as permanent address will be required.

Now that you have all the necessary details about our organization: Yash Marriage Consultancy being one of the topmost Court Marriage Consultant in Mumbai, we assure you of making your experience with us a highly satisfied one. Come pay us a visit at our office in Thane where a team of dedicated professionals awaits your presence. Hope to see you soon!

Court Marriage Office in Mumbai

Are you planning to get married? Do you want to have a Court Marriage? If yes, you are definitely on the right page! We at Yash Marriage Consultancy are here to help you in providing the professional and experienced advocates to assist you with the documentation and all other procedure required for Court Marriage. We also provide service in getting through all the legal formalities after solemnization of marriage for issuing the marriage certificate. Yash Marriage Consultancy offers support for the legal court marriage procedure to clients belonging to different religions and casts. Our Court Marriage office in Mumbai has expert lawyers, counselors, officers, and consultants who manage to successfully solemnize and register your court marriage.

How does the Court Marriage Office in Mumbai help you?

The Court Marriage Office in Mumbai helps people with the documentation and procedures required for court marriage. Yash Marriage Consultancy is one of the best Court Marriage Offices in Mumbai. We provide court marriage-related services throughout the whole Country.

Our Court Marriage Office in Mumbai is always available to assist and guide regarding the queries and the process for registering your marriage in the Court. We have well-qualified legal professionals who offer smart solutions and suggestions if there are any complications. Our highly experienced lawyers organize and manage the entire marriage procedure and issue legal documents like the registration certificate at the earliest.

Perks of Court Marriage in Mumbai

● Economical than conventional marriages.
● Easy Procedure.
● Hassle-free Marriage.
● High security.
● Valid throughout the world.
● Inter-caste or religious marriages permitted.
● Legal and authorized.

Services offered by Court Marriage Office in Mumbai

● Court Marriage
● NRI Court Marriage
● Hindu Marriage Registration
● Inter-Caste Marriage Registration
● Inter-Religion Marriage Registration
● Marriage Certificate
● Certificate of non-impediment

Why Do Clients Prefer Yash Marriage Consultancy?

We have a team of dedicated and efficient advocates who are capable of providing the clients with the best services. We believe in non-complacency, hard work, genuineness, and honesty, and this has helped us grow leaps and bounds in the last few years. Therefore, Yash Marriage Consultancy is one of the most trusted Court Marriage Office in Mumbai. Due to the below-mentioned qualities, clients prefer Yash Marriage Consultancy for Court Marriage and other marriage-related services.

Integrity and Morality We have built the image and reputation of our firm over the years and never a fraud case has happened at Yash Marriage Consultancy. We strictly follow the work ethics like transparency, integrity and, morality and never let happen injustice to our clients. We are always fair in our dealings and no bribes are entertained in our Marriage Consultancy.

AuthenticityWhat we say we do. We do not give false promises to our clients or do not manipulate them. Our sincerity towards our work has gained us many clients and a good reputation in the market. We are one of the top leading firms and all this is due to our authenticity and honesty.

Dynamic LeadershipOur expert lawyers and consultants have dynamic leadership qualities. They provide the right direction, counseling, and guidance to our clients. This is one of the major reasons for clients preferring Yash Marriage Consultancy.

Time Management and Co - operationWe have built a highly cooperative team that understands the value of the time of their clients. Therefore clients at our Court Marriage Office in Mumbai never have to wait for hours for getting their work done. Our professionals cooperate with them and help them in the documentation and other procedure without wasting anyone’s time.